Sunday, May 29, 2016

Call for new KStars splash screen

We're in the midst of very exciting changes for the upcoming KStars v2.6.0 release, planned for Sep/Oct 2016.

KStars gained two seats for Google Summer of Code 2016. The first project is to develop KStars Lite, a small footprint KStars aimed for tablet/mobile and low powered devices. The second project is to port KStars to Windows, including migration of INDI Client library and Ekos. Both projects are progressing along quite nicely and we expect to see stellar results by the end of the summer.

Since KStars is under goind a lot of changes, we'd like to update the venerable splash screen which remained AS IS for the last couple of years. Here is the current splash screen:

KStars Splash Screen
Therefore, we'd like to invite artists from the community to propose a new awe-inspiring KStars splash screen! The proposed splash screen should be suitable for different form factors, from the desktop PC down to the mobile.

If you're an artist, KStars needs you!

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