Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Linux Administrator seeking spirtual closure

While I was reviewing the 70 or so CVs today for candidates for a Linux administrator position we're currently recruting for our data center, I ran across this odd CV from Germany. Pay attention to "Career Objectives"

Notice the bit about "looking to make my hijrah from dar ul kufr." Hijrah means "migration", "dar ul kufr" is "land of the infidels", which obviously means Germany in this case. It took me 2 seconds to move his CV to the growing list of disqualified candidates. The name, which I erased, was a very typical German name (Think Wolfgang or Klaus!), so this is not some Turkish or Arab living in Germany, but an "indigenous" German if I can call him that, who apparently just converted to Islam or something.

What makes someone post something like this in their career objectives? Was he expecting sympathy from Arab/Muslim IT managers? Too bad it landed in the hands of a secular IT manager!