Tuesday, February 28, 2017

KStars 2.7.5 is released for MacOS and Windows

I'm very excited to announce the release of KStars 2.7.5 for MacOS and Windows!

This is the first official KStars release for MacOS 10.11+, and while we made sure to test it thoroughly, please treat it as a beta release and report any bugs to the KDE bug tracking website.

KStars for MacOS supports all the features of the Linux KStars release, including Ekos and INDI. It comes ready with astrometry.net support, xplanet, and ability to download and install General Star Catalog (GSC) data used for CCD Simulator stars.

Most INDI drivers are imported with the exception of few Linux-specific drivers; we are investigating different approaches to improve INDI 3rd party drivers support under OSX. This release would not have been possible if not for the tireless efforts of KStars developers and INDI forums members.

Specifically, I'd like to thank the following volunteers for their significant contribution to the MacOS release:

  • Robert Lancaster: KStars latest developer and chief driver of the MacOS release. Robert greatly improved the usability and cross-platform capabilities of KStars while adding several very exciting and useful features to both KStars and Ekos.
  • Stephane Lucas: Initiated the longest (110+ pages) INDI thread Ekos for OS X that resulted in this release. Stephane carried out extensive testing and suggestions for Ekos Scheduler and aided in the KStars OSX Port.
  • Jamie Smith: Developed script to automate building of KStars using Craft, CMake, and XCode methods in addition to automating DMG builds.
Many INDI forums users also helped in testing this release, so I'd like to extend my thanks to all our users.

Along with the Mac OS release, a new KStars for Windows 64bit release is also available for download. You can download both release from KStars website.

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