Saturday, May 26, 2018

KStars 2.9.6 is Released!

I'm glad to announce the release of KStars 2.9.6 for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. This is a minor bugfix release.

KStars on MacOS with QHY
Here are some the highlights:
  • Numerous scheduler fixes and improvements by Eric Dejouhanet.
  • Fixed long-standing bug where Time zone was not updated correctly from INDI GPS.
  • Fixed Filter Manager settings as it was not updating the database properly.
  • Fixed centering & tracking of empty sky.
  • Fixed Polar Alignment Assistant rotation in the southern hemisphere.
  • Added a method to clear DSLR info in case they were entered incorrectly.
  • Added J2000 support in the Mount Control panel in addition to the standard JNow.
  • Alignment FOV is now always editable.
  • CCD Capture format and directory are now persistent.
  • Guiding is aborted when mount is slewing or parking.
  • Clang fixes by Csaba Kertesz as part of GSoC 2018.
Updated Ekos tutorials for the various Ekos modules are now also available. I should be adding more soon.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Hello Jasem,

I see that there were some small changes to the polar alignment assistant,
particularly for the southern hemisphere.

I have a quick question. I am in the *northern* hemisphere, but the scope
that I use for polar alignment has a diagonal mirror in front of the camera,
so that the "horizontal" view is mirror-reversed. Will the polar alignment
assistant work correctly in this situation?